Troubleshoot:Easy query question for someone who knows Access Error

Easy query question for someone who knows Access

Need help, please.  I'm not a very experienced Access user so I am hoping this will be fairly easy for someone to answer.  I have a main table that has 5 diagnosis code fields as well as various other fields.  I want my query to bring back records of specific
diagnosis codes.  I have created a table of all the diagnosis codes that I want my main table to link to.
The matched code don't have to be in all 5 diagnosis code fields, just at least one of them.  One query I did kinda worked, but it only brought back records
where a matched diagnosis code was found in all 5 fields.  So needless to say it left out all the records where the diagnosis code matched in 4 or less fields.  Can someone please help?  Please, I’m desparate.

Keys to the Problem Easy query question for someone who knows Access

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Another Safe way to Repair the Problem: Easy query question for someone who knows Access:

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